Heating Outdoor Patios

Heating Outdoor Patios Offers Many Benefits

Homeowners today are investing in the latest home improvement trend: luxury outdoor living spaces. From outdoor kitchens to luxury outdoor patios, outdoors is now the new place to entertain friends – and radiant outdoor heating can help protect your investment.

Radiant heating can add several benefits to your patio:

  • Melt the snow and ice. You will not need to use as much salt or other chemicals to melt snow and ice on your patio. These chemicals can damage or even discolor your decorative concrete or pavers and can be very bad for your pets.
  • Lets you barbeque outdoors anytime of the year. With a snow-free patio, barbeque lovers can use their grill anytime of the year. There’s no need to put your snow boots on anymore.

How much does it cost?

A 100 square foot heated area will cost about $1,500 (heating system and controls included, but installation is extra). Our expert team of designers is ready to help and can customize your system for your specific needs. Simply fax us a plan at (800) 408.1100 or call us at (800) 875.5285 to get a free quote.

How much does it cost to operate?

In a state where the cost of electricity is about average at 10 cents per kilowatts, warming a 100 square feet heated area on your patio will use about 5kW and cost about $0.50 per hour.

Outdoor Radiant Heating With Patio Floors

How is it installed?

The installation is performed by your patio contractor and electrician. But WarmlyYours can help: we are the industry leaders in helping homeowners and installers, with our 24/7 installation support. Our trained staff is located in Chicago, ready to help any day, any time.

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