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Homeowners and businesses alike are warming up to the idea of outdoor heating. Homeowners find that they can save valuable time and effort during the cold weather season when their sidewalks and driveways are clear of hazardous ice and snow. Shoveling a path or digging an automobile out of the snow will soon be a thing of the past. More importantly, they avoid the risk of personal injury from moving heavy snow and ice. Business complexes and individual companies save substantial costs on snow removal and de-icing, while minimizing potential accidents, by ensuring that their steps, sidewalks and open areas are free from snow and ice.

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Benefits of Heated Driveways or Sidewalks

  • Cost savings – Saves you the annual expense of snow removal or de-icing chemicals
  • Time savings - Saves you time and effort spent on managing snow manually
  • Maintenance Free - Once installed, fully automated outdoor heating systems require no maintenance
  • Minimizes personal injury risk - Provides peace of mind by eliminating ice related accidents at your home or office
  • Preserves your property - Slows down surface decay due to damage caused by snow plows, shovels, salting and other chemical snow preventives

Roof De-Icing

Example of Roof De-Icing Hazardous winters can mean serious damage to your roof. Roof de-icing systems prevent the buildup of ice and snow. The large icicles that form on gutters can fall and cause injuries that are easily preventable. Falling ice and snow onto walkways can also cause liability situations that can be avoided with roof de-icing.

Installing a roof de-icing system allows you to breathe easier knowing that your family, friends, customers, and employees are avoiding injury from falling ice and snow. It also increases the resale value of your home and extends the life of your roof.

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