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radiant heating in the house

Towel Warmers & Electric Heated Bathroom Tiles: the perfect way to add spa-comfort to your bathroom. Cost: About $600 for a quality towel warmer, and $400-$800 for a floor warming system.
Maker: WarmlyYours.

Heated Windows: Keep you warm as long as you are standing near them. The windows heat up to 100 degrees.
Cost: About $2,300.
Maker: Thermique.

Heated Driveway & Gutter Deicing: Snow melting systems save valuable time and effort during the cold weather season when sidewalks, driveways and gutters are now clear of hazardous ice and snow.
Cost: $15 to $20 per square foot (save money by heating the tire tracks only).
Maker: WarmlyYours.

Floor Warming Company In National News

New York Times reports on how WarmlyYours created a four-season sunroom

New Times Floor Heating A happy customer of WarmlyYours named Emile de Planque was interviewed by the New York Times about the installation of a radiant floor heater in his sunroom. Mr. de Planque spoke from his sunroom in Fairfax, VA., where a beautiful view of the golf course behind his home is visible through the glass walls. He described the room as a “three-season sunroom.” For most of the year, the room was the perfect place to enjoy morning coffee, and soak up the sun and the view. In the winter, the room was unusable. Even a commercial heating unit couldn’t keep the sunroom warm.

Mr. de Planque solved his problem with floor heating mats from WarmlyYours. By removing the old floor and installing a radiant floor heater under the new floor, he transformed the sunroom into a four-season room. He didn’t think of himself as a do-it-yourselfer, but he found the installation of the heating mats to be a simple process.

A year has passed since Emile de Planque installed his floor heater, but he hasn’t forgotten the thrill he felt the first time he turned on the heater on a cold winter’s day. He set the thermostat to 72, gave it a chance to warm up, and then came into the sunroom without shoes. “I thought I’d died and gone to heaven,” he remembers.

Read the complete article and learn more about heating a bathroom and this sunroom with WarmlyYours floor heaters by clicking here: New York Time Floor Heating Article

Hear It From The Homeowners

Transform your basement with radiant floor heating

Basement Heating Heidi was a homeowner in suburban Chicago who was faced with the problem of a basement that was unusable due to a lack of heat. Poorly functioning heating vents provided little warmth. When combined with a cold concrete floor, the frigid temperature in the basement made the room uninhabitable. Heidi made it her goal to turn the basement into a warm and welcoming space where her family could spend time together.

Heidi realized her goal by adding a free-floating laminate floor over an EnvironTM radiant floor heater. She first learned about radiant floor heating in Europe, where she spent time growing up. According to Heidi, “Radiant floor heating is a common feature in many European homes, so I know how great a warm floor can be.”

Heidi’s husband Terry helped completed the project by covering the floor of the basement with a cork layer for insulation and then installing the EnvironTM radiant heating system over the cork. “The concrete floor provided no insulation,” noted Terry. “WarmlyYours recommend an insulating cork layer to provide the best energy efficiency possible.” Terry found his part of the project to be far easier than he expected and completed it in a couple of days. The flooring contractor then installed the laminate floor over the EnvironTM heating system.

Following installation of Heidi’s EnvironTM system, she found that she could rely on the floor alone to heat the entire area. She was able to close the inadequate heating vents and let the radiant floor heat keep the room at a comfortable temperature. Now Heidi, Terry and their children are enjoying their warm and inviting basement. “The kids play in the basement barefoot and in their socks,” says Heidi. “They love the warm laminate floor.”

In addition to heating their basement, Heidi and Terry received the added benefit of reducing moisture and the possibility of mold. The American Society of Home Inspectors has reported that about 38% of homes show signs of fungus and mold due to elevated moisture levels. Radiant floor heating reduces the potential for moisture build up, minimizing conditions that often trigger asthma and allergies. The drying effect created by radiant floor heating contributes to a far healthier home environment.

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