Snow Melting

Electric floor heating is also now popular outdoors. Radiant snow melting systems can be used to heat patios and driveways. Homeowners can not only enjoy the indulgence of radiant heated floors in their own home – they can also drive away to work without having to pick up their shovel. The driveway is nice and clear of any snow thanks to a high-wattage powered snow melting system installed a few inches below your driveway surface. Patios can be enjoyed even when the weather is cooler by installing snow melting beneath the concrete, paver or stone surface. Radiant heat also preserves your investment because you don’t need to use the salt or chemicals to melt the snow that can discolor and degrade the surface.

Life has not just become more comfortable. It’s also become trouble-free.

How Much Does It Cost?

Radiant heat for driveways and outdoor areas typically costs about $15 to $25 per square foot plus anywhere from $500 to $1,500 for the control system. The control system can be a simple on/off switch or a more elaborate automated system with a snow sensor. The sensor is very practical for making sure your driveway is nice and clear in the morning.

Is it Expensive to Operate?

In a state where the cost of electricity is about average at 10 cents per kilowatts, warming a 250 square feet driveway will use 10kW or about $1.00 per hour.

What Type Of Electrical Setup Will i Need in my Home

snow melt systems on stairsFirst check with WarmlyYours’ expert customer service staff to estimate the power need for your applications. We have years of experience quoting these systems and we provide FREE installation plans to our customers with every quote. Typically, a large radiant heating system for outdoors will require a new electrical panel. However, smaller areas (small/medium size patios) may not. We can also design your driveway installation with a tire-track system. This will greatly reduce electrical requirements.

How is it installed?

The installation is performed by your local driveway contractor and electrician. You’re in good hands with WarmlyYours – we can recommend installers for you. We also provide 24/7 installation support to answer any question your installers may have, so you know your radiant heating project will go smoothly. We have a fully trained staff of radiant snow melting technicians right here in Chicago, ready to help any day, any time.

See images of a real life snow melting installation.

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