Benefits Of Hydronic Heating

Primary Benefits

  • Hydronic heating offers heat that does not make noise or give off uneven heat, as a forced air system would.
  • Again unlike forced air systems, the hydronic system warms people and objects rather than just air so one can leave the door ajar without worrying about losing heat or becoming cold. On the downside, it is not recommended the radiant system double-up for cooling or cleaning the air the way a forced-air system can.
  • Although it depends on the application, is it usually agreed that radiant heating systems are 20 to 40% more energy efficient than other heating systems.
benefits of hydronic heating

The Benefits you did not know about

  • Hydronic doesn't stir up allergens or dust. The fact that radiant heating, unlike forced-air systems, does not push dust, dirt and already used air around the room is good news for those susceptible to germs or allergies, such as young children or the elderly. Studies show a 50 to 80% reduction in dust mites population in houses with radiant heating.
  • Another benefit of radiant heating is that a variety of heating equipment may be used to heat the water: natural gas or propane water heater or boiler, electric boiler, wood boiler, heat pump, solar collector or even geothermal energy. This allows the homeowner the option of choosing the type that best fits his needs.
  • Pets LOVE radiant floors!

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