Electric Radiant Heating Products

TempZone floor heating under tile and stone

Tile, Stone and Hardwood Floors

Unlike conventional heating systems that distribute warmth unevenly from vents or multiple baseboard units, WarmlyYours TempZoneTM radiant heating systems operate on the principal of radiant warming.

The entire warmed portion of the floor gives off even warmth that migrates from floor to ceiling with little comparative temperature variation. As a result, the homeowner experiences a completely different type of warming comfort.

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Environ II floor heating under carpet and laminate

Carpet and Free-Floating Wood Floors

The EnvironTM radiant heating system installs conveniently under carpeting or floating wood floors to provide even, room-filling heat that virtually eliminates cold spots.

The system's highly efficient, low profile design will not add to the height of your flooring, and can be professionally installed by your existing floor covering specialist using the custom floor plan provided free with each WarmlyYours system.

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