Electric or Hydronic floor heating, what's best for you?

When Should You Go with Hydronic?

Hydronic or Electric floor warming

For spot warming or sole source heating of a portion of the house, it has been found that in 60% of cases electric radiant is more favourable than hydronic.

For sole source heating of the complete house, 90% of the time hydronic radiant heating is a better option for you than electric. However, even if you plan a whole house, the electric system will be a better choice in climates where you often need to heat only a few hours in the morning and a few hours at night.

When Should You Go with Electric?

Electric or Hydronic floor warming

For both spot warming or sole source heating, it has been found that in 90% of cases electric radiant is better for you than hydronic.

You should expect to spend $400 to $800 to install an electric system for warming a small bathroom. An equivalent hydronic system would run $4,000 to $5,000.

Hydronic systems have high start-up costs because you have to buy a boiler. As a result, electric radiant heat is more cost-effective on 1 to 5 rooms projects.

What are the advantages of electric over hydronic floor heating?

However.... hydronic might be better in some cases:
Is is better for you costwise to use electric or hydronic radiant floor heating?

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A major misconception: Can Electric underfloor heating be my Sole Source of heat?

Most people will readily say "no" and claim that only hydronic floor heating can be a sole source of heat.

A hydronic system in a cold state area (Nebraska, Illinois, etc.) will generally be designed at 18 BTU/hr/sq.ft. under tile and 30 BTU/hr/sq.ft. under carpet. If we translate this heating capacity in electrical watts it corresponds to 5.3-watt/sq.ft. under tile and 8.8-watt/sq.ft. under carpet. Compared to this design requirement the capacity of WarmlyYours systems are 15-watt/sq.ft. under tile and 10-watt/sq.ft. under carpet.

Clearly, the WarmlyYours electric system has enough heating capacity to serve as a sole source of heat.

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