A Guide to Electric & Hydronic Radiant Heat for Homeowners

Installing Electric Radiant Heat

Installing Electric radiant heat

Electric under-floor heating is very easy to install and any electrician or homeowner with a working of electricity can test and analyze electric warming or heating.

WarmlyYours systems are custom designed for the specific room application and come in kit form with all materials needed for fast, fault-free installation.

First Step

Layout the electric roll on the floor, according to the customized installation plan provided by the manufacturer.
Second Step

Apply a layer of thinset cement over the electric roll.
Third Step

Lay down your new floor (ceramic tile, carpet, vinyl, laminate, etc)

Fourth Step

Connect the heating roll to your regular electric circuit.
Material to install (electric)
Floor Warming Installation Process
View images and a summary of the full floor warming installation process conducted in a kitchen.